[Press Release] Share 12-sec of Your Story with Voice Recording App ‘VOX’


App that shares your 12-second voice with friends, now available for both Android and iPhone users


SEOUL, April 7, 2015—Voice app “VOX”’ offers a platform where people can share ideas in the form of a 12-second recording now for both Android and iPhone users.

VOX, built by easi6, a startup based in Seoul, enable users to share their 12-second recording after creating a user name. One can easily find recordings of their interest simply using the hashtag feature. VOX is basically a platform where images are not used to tell who you are, but where you can express yourself only with the sound of your voice. Commenting on contents can be done by voice as well as text.

“VOX is where you can express your true self because it delivers your unique voice and tone,” said Sunny Hong, designer of VOX. “With VOX, people can get an idea of who you are only by your voice because the application does not require you to upload photos or video.”

easi6 team’s mission has always been to make people’s life easy by connecting them. Take their past project “Tomoni” for example. The application helps users connect with nearby people of the same interest and set up meetings. Also, their “Doors & Dots” organizes near-term meeting and provides a real-time meeting map.

So what’s next for easi6? This year will be a busy year for easi6. First of all, the team aims to launch an O2O project in China during the first half of 2015. Also, they are developing a new product of combining software and hardware systems in the U.S. market. So stay tuned to their social media page and official website for update news.

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더위를 이기는 팁!

여름이 시작한지 얼마 안된거 같은데 너무너무 더워서 머리가 아프네요.
그래서 준비해봤습니다! easi6가 선사하는 더위를 이기는 방법! 한번 보실까요? :)


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Little happiness Seoul offers startups

Whether you are in Silicon Valley or in Seoul, one thing stays constant for all startups: passion. It really doesn’t matter where you are. You can always spread your wings to success. But still, Seoul has some perks of its own that may be little, but are worth so much.

Everything is mostly one hour away.

It depends on how you define ‘a large city,’ but Seoul is big enough but everything in it is not too scattered away. One fifth of the nation lives in this city of 605.22 km2. Yes, it’s a bit crowded but it also means networking is efficient and meeting up with people isn’t too big of a burden mostly because the bus and subway will take you to all corners of the city in an hour. Oh! Don’t forget the internet. It’s super fast. And, finding free WIFI connection is actually not too bad.

Everything is opened all the time.

Startups are known for late nights at the office. Not to worry! There is a convenient store in almost every corner and they are opened all the time. So getting clean underwear and socks are easy. You can always get a decent meal in these stores. They are not an A+ cuisine, but get you through the day.

You are never stay hungry at work

Koreans love food so much that almost everything that pops into your mind is only a call away. After a short phone call, the delivery guy will knock on your office door within 30 minutes. How great is that. Late nights at the office always calls for fried chicken. FYI, Korea’s fried chickens are so bad ass.

Enjoy “jjimjilbang” as a reward

Korean-style spa called jjimjilbang is a great place to relieve stress in a short period of time with its hot or cold tubs and other spa facilities. It’s the place to be for a power nap after a long day at the office. It has food and large TVs to make your day a better one. These small treats are not hard to find in the streets of Seoul.

Writer : Captain Kay Woo kay.woo@easi-share.com

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[Start Today with VOX] Your Personal Guide to 12-sec Voice App ‘VOX’

Arranged by Yeol-mae Lee berrry1130@gmail.com


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[오늘도 난, VOX] 초간단 목소리 앱 ‘VOX’ 활용법

그림. 이열매 berrry1130@gmail.com

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[월간 app] 카멜레온 같은 감성 그라데이션의 시작 ‘이지식스’



이지식스가 월간 app 6월호에 실렸습니다 :-)

정말 설레는 순간이였는데요. 저희 12초 목소리 앱 ‘복스’와 곧 출시를 앞두고 있는 밴 서비스 앱 ‘이지웨이’가 잘 다뤄졌네요.
앞으로도 다양한 채널로 소통하는 이지식스가 되겠습니다. 많은 관심 주실거죠?


기사 링크: http://navercast.naver.com/magazine_contents.nhn?rid=2598&attrId=&contents_id=91514&leafId=2598 

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재밌는 축제 즐기고 VOX로 공유하자!

안녕하세요 :-)

올해 즐길 수 있는 축제를 몇개 소개 해볼까 합니다.

신나게 즐기시고 목소리 앱 ‘VOX’로 그 뜨거운 현장을 공유하는 건 어떨까요? ‘VOX’는 12초의 녹음을 친구들과 공유 할 수 있는 모바일 애플리케이션입니다.

자! 그럼 시작 해볼까요?

1. 뮤즈인시티 페스티벌


언제? 6월 6일

어디서? 서울 올림픽 공원 잔디마당 

뮤즈인시티 페스티벌는 주로 여성 들이 찾는다고 해요. 여성들이 즐겨 듣는 가수들이 많이 출연하네요. 레이첼 야마가타, 김윤아, 케렌 앤, 조원선, 프리실라 안, 캣 프랭키, 이아립, 라이너스의 담요 등 와! 당장 표를 구매하고 싶어지네요.

2. 울트라뮤직 페스티벌 


언제? 6월 12일~13일

어디서? 서울 잠실종합 운동장

디제이 랭킹 1위 하드웰, 그래미상을 연속 수상한 데이비드 게타, 국내에서 사랑 받는 DJ 알레소 등이 출연하는 이번 페스티벌 기대가 되네요. 특히 미국 마이애미 해변가에서 즐기는 듯한 분위기를 연출한다고 해요.

3. 남이섬 레인보우 아일랜드 


언제? 6월 20일, 21일

어디서? 강원 춘천 남이섬

올해 페스티벌에서 김창완밴드, 규현, 빈지노, 정기고, 에디킴 등이 공연을 펼친하고 해요. 라인업만 들어도 젊어지는 느낌이네요. 빨리가서 친구들이랑 음악을 들으며 맥주 한잔 하고 싶어요.

4. 안산M밸리록 페스티벌

언제? 7월 24~26일

어디서? 안산 대부도 바다향기테마파크

안산M밸리록 페스티벌은 국내 페스티벌의 인기를 이끌어온 대표적인 록페스티벌 중 하나이며 가장 오랜 전통을 가지고 있습니다. 20분 만에 티켓이 매진 정도로 폭발적인 인기를 끌고 있죠.

음악, 사람, 잔디 그리고 맥주. 생각만 해도 미소가 번지네요. 바쁘다는 이유로 모두가 이런 페스티벌을 즐길 수 있는 없다는 것이 아쉬울 뿐입니다. 그런 친구를 위해서 VOX를 꺼내보는 건 어떨까요? 현장을 녹음하여 공유하면 참여하지 못한 친구도 잠시나마 힐링이 되지 않을까요? :)


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