[Press Release] Share 12-sec of Your Story with Voice Recording App ‘VOX’


App that shares your 12-second voice with friends, now available for both Android and iPhone users


SEOUL, April 7, 2015—Voice app “VOX”’ offers a platform where people can share ideas in the form of a 12-second recording now for both Android and iPhone users.

VOX, built by easi6, a startup based in Seoul, enable users to share their 12-second recording after creating a user name. One can easily find recordings of their interest simply using the hashtag feature. VOX is basically a platform where images are not used to tell who you are, but where you can express yourself only with the sound of your voice. Commenting on contents can be done by voice as well as text.

“VOX is where you can express your true self because it delivers your unique voice and tone,” said Sunny Hong, designer of VOX. “With VOX, people can get an idea of who you are only by your voice because the application does not require you to upload photos or video.”

easi6 team’s mission has always been to make people’s life easy by connecting them. Take their past project “Tomoni” for example. The application helps users connect with nearby people of the same interest and set up meetings. Also, their “Doors & Dots” organizes near-term meeting and provides a real-time meeting map.

So what’s next for easi6? This year will be a busy year for easi6. First of all, the team aims to launch an O2O project in China during the first half of 2015. Also, they are developing a new product of combining software and hardware systems in the U.S. market. So stay tuned to their social media page and official website for update news.

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Voice App ‘VOX’ Makes It to Monthly Design Mag

Hi, all!

Easi6’s voice-recording mobile application ‘VOX (Voice of Box)’ was published on Korea’s major web design monthly magazine W.E.B this month.

This short, but effective coverage reads as such:

“Voice-recording application “VOX (Voice of Box)” is a platform where you can share your 12-second recording. After creating usernames, users can use the #hashtag feature to explore new recordings of their interest. Without images, VOX delivers heartfelt stories and thoughts in voices. Users can even leave comments both in text or recording. Divided into regions, users are able to enjoy voices and sounds of various cities and countries. Also, the app’s design is in color gradation, expressing the flow of emotion reflected in our voices.”

To check out the online version, click here.


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[Interview] Myself as I am: VOX

Sunny Hong

My name is Sunny Hong, a partner and designer at software startup “easi6.” It’s new application “VOX” was designed under these hands.

VOX is a mobile application where you can share 12 seconds of your real story. Because it excludes images, it’s a playground where you can express your true self.

If you like to play the guitar, share your tune with VOX. If you love to speak Korean, upload one sentence a day. I’m extremely excited to witness how people will use this application.

Why 12 seconds? We just thought the length had to be longer than the memory span of a goldfish, which is nine short seconds. They say it takes five seconds to grab another person’s attention. Ten years ago, the number was 12 seconds. This shows we pay lesser attention to what others says. So we wanted to go back a decade when we actually took the time to listen.

I pulled off a gradation design for VOX because speech is ever changing. They keep flowing and flowing. And with words, our emotions change constantly. So a gradation image made more sense than a solid one. Just like that the application color also changes. It’s orange and bluish in the morning, pink during the day and dark blue and green at night. I’m planning on shortening the time intervals.

I wanted people across the world to enjoy VOX regardless of what language they use. So the icon of the app is a shape of a triangle, not a letter. Also, when we talk of language, we think of two things: the language we read and the one we speak. I wanted to focus on the latter.

As a designer, VOX is a fresh new concept. I really hope that people will enjoy and have fun with it.

http://player.voxstory.com/p/278: It says, “Hey there, have you seen a design like this before? Well, come on in!”

Writer: Chase

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