How do you get your visa issued when visiting China?

City of Shenzhen

City of Shenzhen


Some nationalities, like South Koreans, are required with visa to enter China. Be sure to get your visa issued from verified and widely-used agencies, especially if you’re getting group/paper visa.

It was a late Friday night when a Korean customer called us for help on her way from Shenzhen to Hong Kong in our Easiway van. Shenzhen’s custom office had asked our customer to get off the vehicle at the border. It was unexpected because Easiway vans allow passengers with visa to get custom checks without having to get off. She had entered Shenzhen from Hong Kong with a group/paper visa earlier that day.

It turned out that the agency that issued the visa was not listed in the custom office’s system. Eventually, she had to wait until the custom office staff was able to reach someone from the agency. This took a lot of her time. She even missed her ferry to Macau from Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal. So we had to help her communicate with a cab driver to take her to a different terminal. It surely was a looooooong day for her.

Dodge this hassle by getting visa to China issued from an agency that is widely-used and make sure it will take full responsibility that such problem will not occur. Getting visa from travel agencies can be another good choice.

Find out if you need visa to China here.

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[Press Release] Van-booking service Easiway makes business trips across Hong Kong, Shenzhen easy

– With Easiway Corporate Web Tool, businesspersons don’t have to get off vans for custom checks at the border of Hong Kong and Shenzhen
– Corporate packages offer premium rides at affordable price
– Web tool is available in Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese 

Easiway Corporate Web Tool_Image

HONG KONG, Oct. 21, 2015— Hong Kong-based software startup EASISHARE LIMITED announced today it launched Easiway Corporate Web Tool tailored for corporations to easily book premium vans authorized to cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen on their PCs.

Kay woo, CEO of EASISHARE LIMITED, said, “Shenzhen is the hub for China’s hardware ecosystem and called the ‘Holy Land’ of manufacturers. Global companies frequently visit the city as Shenzhen’s manufacturers build product samples even in small amount. Many of these international firms enter the city through Hong Kong as the flights to Shenzhen are often delayed. We aim to provide high-quality door-to-door service for business persons traveling between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.”

Easiway van passengers can be verified without having to get off simply by passing through custom gates for authorized vehicles, allowing them to focus on their work. This is possible because Easiway vans are registered in Hong Kong and mainland China. Public transportation passengers spend at least an hour to get off their vehicles to get in line for custom checks at the border.

Woo added, “Chinese rental vehicles are known for being late and canceling at the last moment. Also, passengers have a hard time finding available vans. So we created a system where only passenger side can cancel a ride and rate drivers to ensure we maintain the best quality of service. Plus, businesses and corporations now do not need to hire and manage drivers. With Easiway Corporate Web Tool, companies and their partners can now travel between Hong Kong and Shenzhen efficiently at their convenience.”

Companies can use this web tool after requesting for an account at Prepaid corporate packages are also ready in groups of 8, 15 and 30 van rides at an affordable price. The number of e-tickets will pop up on the web tool and will be deducted each time they are used. Companies can also share these e-tickets with their employees or business partners.

Companies need to type in departing and arrival destinations of their employees or business partners on the web tool, which will be sent to the nearest van drivers. The web tool is available in Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese.

The web tool is an extension of EASISHARE LIMITED’s van-booking mobile application Easiway that connects regular passengers to the closest van drivers traveling across Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The product, launched in August, is available for downloading at 10 major Chinese Android markets, Google Play and Apple Store.

The Hong Kong-based startup is also revving up for Easishare Ride, an upcoming function that groups up to six people to share an Easiway van and spilt the fare.

Easiway bookings and other inquiries are also available at +400-050-9291 (Chinese and Korean. For China use only) and +82-70-7718-2605(Korean and English).

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[Press Release] Van-booking app ‘Easiway’ connects Hong Kong, Shenzhen, saving 50 mins of travel time


– With Easiway, travelers don’t have to get off vans for immigration checks in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, shortening one-way trips by some 50 minutes

– Easiway offers various payment methods, including Alipay

HONG KONG, August 13, 2015— Hong Kong-based software and retailing startup EASISHARE LIMITED, announced today it launched van-hailing mobile application Easiway that connects passengers to the closest vans travelling across Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

With Easiway, available for downloading at eight major Chinese Android markets, Google Play and Apple Store, users can be verified at the seat of their vehicles simply by passing through immigration gates. This is possible because vans booked by Easiway have two plates, one for Shenzhen and the other for Hong Kong.

“Easiway shortens the traveling time across Hong Kong and Shenzhen by at least 50 minutes,” Kay woo, CEO of EASISHARE LIMITED, said. “Basically, you can say that it is one of the most convenient ways to travel.”

Regular travelers by public transportation or personal cars approximately spends an hour to get off their vehicles twice to get in line for immigration checks in board control points both in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Easiway users simply needs to type in his or her destination on the app, which will be sent to the available van drivers.

The app is available in Chinese, English, Korean and soon in Japan. It also offers various payment methods, including Alipay and Apple Pay.

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Easiway Connects Passengers, Van Drivers across Hong Kong, Shenzhen


Ever heard of Easiway? This van-hailing mobile application connects passengers to the nearest van drivers travelling across Hong Kong and Shenzhen. EASISHARE LIMITED, a joint Hong Kong-based startup by easi6 and Chinese counterparts, created this app to connect people.

This business started from our good old friend, Justin, who goes to work from Hong Kong to Shenzhen every day. For seven years, he spent two hours on the road to get to his office. But an hour was spent getting off the public transportation to wait in line for immigration checkups in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The same went for 219 million people who crossed the border to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong in 2014. An average of some 600,000 each day spent an hour in line. That’s equivalent to a whopping 70 years in total.

So Easiway stepped in to save time. The vans booked by Easiway have two plates, one for Hong Kong and the other for Shenzhen. This allows passengers to get their immigration verification in the vans. It’s like passing through toll gates. Not more getting off the public bus. No more long lines that just make your eyes rolls. Ugh! Not only that. You can save around 50 minutes for each round trip.

Today, there are around 20,000 vans with two plates organized by some 2,000 rental companies. Before Easiway, passengers booked vans mostly through calls and these reservations were recorded in hand. (Quite old fashioned.)


At first, Easiway was designed to handle a simple task of connecting passengers and vans. This model was not different from other van-booking apps. But, the rental companies wanted to keep the old system of allowing passengers to make bookings with phone calls. This was because they wanted to keep their loyal customers. So now, Easiway offers a manager tool which pushes reservation made through phone calls to drivers’ application. Easiway also has a CEO tool. Rental company owners can easily see various indicators, such as revenue charts and booking rates, to get a good idea of how their firms are being operated. So yeah, you can say this app is more of an ecosystem that involves passengers, drivers, managers and company owners.

We are pushing to build closer relationship with our Chinese partners and to boost profits for them with an effective algorithm that decreases the number of empty vans. We believe such effort will also prop up the global customer base of Easiway. We will keep our eyes and ears open for better change and keep up our good work in reflecting what people need on our app.

Written by Kay Woo
Image by Sunny Hong

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