How to book a return trip on Easiway

Ahoy, Easiway users!

How is everyone in Shenzhen and Hong Kong? It rained today. I hope it was a great escape from the heat this morning. Phew!

Anywho! We’re here to talk about how to book a return trip on Easiway.

Of course, we start by opening the app.

How to book return trip on EasiwayAnnnnnnnd you book a ride: insert date & time, pickup & drop off locations, car type and so on. You know the drill.

How to book return tripHit ‘Reservation.’ You will see this page.

return 3Scroll down to see this!

return 4You can book the exact same trip or a return trip!

return 1All you have to do is select date and time.

You can also book return trip of an order made days ago!

To do that, open app again and hit “Booked Trip.”

How to book return trip on EasiwayClick on a trip that you want to book a return trip for.

return2Hit the three-dotted icon on the top right to book a return trip!

See? Easi as a peanut!

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More business with same fleet size


Think Big

Competition motivates companies to improve, but we also need cooperation to bring balance that creates strategic synergy. At the end of the day, cooperation substantially can bring better results. There should be days when you don’t have to sleep with one eye open. Let’s live a little, shall we?

We have created soon-to-be-launched Easishare Management System, or EMS, that allows rental car companies to be committed to a win-win sense of mission.

EMS allows rental car companies to track, manage and assign drivers and vehicle to serve orders. It’s basically a tool to make their daily duties easy.

There’s a gem hidden inside, you see.

You can add your partnering supplier and when there is an order that you can’t serve, you can simply toss it to your trustworthy partnering supplier and gain commission. It’s borrowing their available resources when you are out of supply. How can you say no to extra cash?

Exchanging orders enable rental car companies to serve more orders without increasing their fleet size.

In China, such exchange happen on a daily basis. In the time of need, rental car companies help each other out. Dispatchers reach their competitors-slash-cooperators to seek available cars and drivers through WeChat.

All we did was bring this norm to an integrated platform where trading order is only few clicks away. Plus, the monetary issues can be taken care of digitally. No pen and paper needed.

We believe such a union of small- and mid-sized rental companies can cooperate to gain momentum in China’s car-booking market dominated by heavyweights.

What these rental companies are offering is quality service. Booked a ride? Their drivers will pick you up at your requested time and place. The rides? They are kept in pristine quality. And what we at Easi6 Limited are doing is connecting these service providers with other providers, their hired proffessional drivers and valued customers. Bookings can be made through Easiway app.

We have heard their voices. They feel like they have no chance in winning. They are barely keeping their faces above water. We want the providers to join this union and create bigger business by working together.

We believe that the balance of competition and cooperation will make a healthier market.

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Easiway Bus Wrapped in Beauty

Being in a startup has its perks. One thing is that you appreciate everything around you. No matter how small that thing is.

Last Monday, our team members gathered around to see one of our buses getting wrapped up into a beauty. It was late, but everyone was jumping up and down with excitement. We really can’t help ourselves.

Beautiful smiles? Check!

Beautiful smiles? Check!

The job went on until 4 am the next morning. The wrapping had to be done at night because it’s sunny in China. It was a long work and we really appreciate the master hands and their dexterity.  (Thank you again and again.)

Easiway Bus

Easiway Bus

The master hands had to meticulously stick the large pieces in sync and poke holes to get rid of the air bubbles one by one. There were a lot of sticking and un-sticking all night.

Annnnd, finally VOILA!

Easiway Bus

The beauty has spread it wings! And, it looks even better in the sunlight.

Easiway Bus

This marks yet another new beginning of Easiway’s drive to ease the tedious commute between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

For those of you who do not understand Chinese, the bus says “Spend Less, Get More” and “Book shuttle buses and vans that cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.”

Book a ticket cashless on the Easiway app and save a seat. You don’t have to wait for the next bus in case the closest one is full. The app shows where to get the tickets printed and where to board the ride. It’s in English, Korean and Chinese so everyone can enjoy.

Want to see Easiway’s next move? Stay tuned!

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Don’t Forget to Print!

Easiway Shuttle

Easiway has finally opened its cross-border shuttle ticket booking service linking Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Yes! Now you can save a seat on the shuttle bus or van. There’s no need to wait for the next transport if the ride is full.

We just want to remind you that YOU NEED TO GET THE TICKET PRINTED before you ride.

Why not make a system that let’s you skip the visit to the ticket booth? We’re on it! But for now, YOU NEED TO GET THE TICKET PRINTED!

Now that you know that YOU NEED TO GET THE TICKET PRINTED, let me tell you a little about this service.

Easiway shuttles run on 21 bus lines and 3 van lines. Major stops include Hong Kong’s airport, Ocean Park, Tsim Sha Tsui, Disney Land and Shenzhen’s airport, North Station and Futian Bus Terminal. We are aiming to open up more stops and lines down the road.

The lines run through two control points, Shenzhen Bay Port and Man Kam to Control Points. The immigration processes in both points vary.


If you are on the shuttle van, both immigration checks will take place without you getting off. All you need to do this fill out the arrival card and hand over the passport to the person in charge.

For shuttle bus passengers, immigration inspections takes place by foot. Both immigration checks at Shenzhen Bay Port take place in one building.

On the other hand, the two immigration offices at Man Kam to Control Points are far, far away so you need the get on the bus in between. After the first immigration check, the bus you need to get into isn’t hard to spot. If you do hit a snag, grab a staff’s attention and point to your ticket and sticker and s/he will show you the way.

When you get your ticket issued, you will receive a sticker, too. Again, DO NOT LOSE THESE! Your final destination will be written on the sticker so you can get on the right vehicle.

The app will tell you which control points you will be going through. It also has images and maps to show you where you can get the tickets printed and where to board the ride.

Don’t worry! You are in good hands.

But if you do face a problem and don’t speak a word of Mandarin yet, contact points will be given to you on the app after you book a ticket(s).

Should you have any questions, drop us an email at We love hearing from you guys.

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Easy travel between Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Easiway Shuttle

Traveling between Hong Kong and Shenzhen may be a challenge, especially for those who don’t speak fluent Chinese.

So why not try using the Easiway app to book shuttle tickets linking Hong Kong and Shenzhen? It supports not only English but also Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

The app shows where to get the ticket printed and board your ride. There are images so you can’t miss it. Also, it has a description of the immigration process to unload the stress.

If you have any more questions, email us at or visit our website at

To download, click here for iOS and here for Android.

Travel hassle-free now.

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Hong Kong-Shenzhen shuttle booking easier with Easiway – 50 pct discount for all users

Easiway Shuttle

Hong Kong-based Easi6 Limited said today its flagship ride-booking app Easiway now allows users to book tickets of cross-border shuttles that connect Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Tickets will be sold with a 50-percent discount for all users from June 13 to 27, the company added.

Users only need to insert the promotional code “SHUTTLE50” on the application.

Easi6, formerly known as Easishare Limited, operates the Easiway platform that makes cross-border travelling convenient in Hong Kong and Guangdong area.

The tickets will be available from 36 RMB for shuttle buses and 140 RMB for shuttle vans. Details are available at its official website and mobile application.

The shuttles will take Easi6 users to major destinations, including but not limited to Shenzhen’s Bao’an Airport, North Station and Hong Kong’s Airport, Ocean Park, Disney Land, Hong Kong Island and Tsim Sha Tsui.

Easi6 said there are currently 21 and three lines available for buses and vans, respectively, although the number will grow down the road.

Users simply need to select time, date, starting and ending stops on the app. They can make cashless payment via the app which accepts credit cards, Unionpay, WeChat Pay and Alipay.

“Available in Chinese, English and Korean, now foreigners can enjoy this affordable cross-border shuttles with our application,” Kay woo, CEO of Easi6 Limited, said. “Also with the cashless payment methods, we expect the queue at the ticket booth to be shortened.”

After users book a ticket on the application, they must get the ticket issued/ printed to board the shuttle bus or van. A guide to the locations of ticket booth and boarding point are available on the application. The descriptions of the immigration-check process for each shuttle type are on the webpage.

Easiway also allows users to book premium chauffeur-driven rides in advance on their schedule to travel anywhere in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangdong area. Users can book travels that cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen and those that don’t.

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