How to book cross-border shuttle tickets on Easiway

Ahoy, Easiway users!

Crossing the border can be a hassle, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Here is how you can book a ticket of the cross-border shuttle bus and vans on Easiway.

Of course, you open the app.

How to book return trip on Easiway

Tap the “Shuttle Ticket” button.

How to book cross-border shuttle tickets on Easiway 1

Okay. Here you tap “Itinerary.” Which city will you be departing from?

How to book cross-border shuttle tickets on Easiway 2

For this tutorial, let’s select Hong Kong’s Mong Kok stop.

How to book cross-border shuttle tickets on Easiway 3

Once you select a departing point, the list of stops where you can get off on the other city will show. In this case, these are the stops you can get off at Shenzhen. Here, let’s click Shenzhen Airport.

How to book cross-border shuttle tickets on Easiway 4

After you do so, you can select date and time to board. Depending where you’re going, the policies are slightly different. So read the notifications given in the application carefully.

How to book cross-border shuttle tickets on Easiway 5


Once you select time and date, you can choose whether you want to ride the shuttle van or bus. In this case, only buses start from Mong Kok and stop at Shenzhen Airport. You can also select how many tickets you want to buy.

All of the shuttles does not pass through the Huanggang port so please have valid visa available before getting on the rides.

How to book cross-border shuttle tickets on Easiway 6

After you make a payment, your tickets are booked!

How to book cross-border shuttle tickets on Easiway 7

See you on the other side!

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Making the most of it with GaryVee

See video here:

See video here:

Many have been asking me how we got Gary Vaynerchuk to get on our rides in Hong Kong. So here is how the story goes.

We met Jan Smejkal at RISE 2016 for the first time. He posted on Facebook startup communities for a meet up with other fellow Hong Kong startuppers so we met up and kept in touch.

Rumor has it Jan stalked Gary in New York vigorously earlier this year and finally convinced him to talk on stage in Hong Kong in the wake of this year’s Rise Conference. Perseverance always wins.

We got connected with Jan and decided to give his and Gary’s crew a ride from the convention center where Rise was held to the venue of Jan’s Startup Grind talk gig in Central.

15 minutes was how long the ride would take. Pretty short. So our question was: how to make the most of it?

Jan and Gary are vloggers so obviously they will have camera crews with them. So we got an eye-catching white Model X and wrapped it around with our brand. We had little water bottles with our logos on it and had stickers all over.

We set up team members at the starting point and end point to capture it all on video. Of course, cameras were installed inside the vehicle, too.

We had a tight budget with no professional camera crew and had only three team members. Smartphones, one Gopro and two Xiaomi Yi Action Cameras were all the equipment we had. The magic was to take all shots in the same 16:9 aspect ratio.

It was far from perfect but meticulous planning and rehearsals made it all work.

Luckily, our designer Joohan was fluent in After Effects and with the magic of editing and music, this video came to be alongside other numerous contents for our Facebook page and blogs.

It could have just been a simple task of getting Gary from one place to another, but we’re glad we made the most of it by documenting it and sharing this fun experience with others.

As the Gary saying goes, “Have the audacity to go for it.”

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How to cancel a trip on Easiway

Ahoy, Easiway users!

Here is how you cancel a trip on the app. Hope you don’t have to use this function.

But hey! You can always come back.

How to book return trip on Easiway

So you already made a trip. Go to “Booked Trip” after you open the app.

How to cancel a trip 1

Okay. Let’s say you want to cancel the one on the top. Let’s click that.

How to cancel a trip 2

Now click on the top right three-dotted icon.

How to cancel a trip 3

And, finally hit that “Cancel Booking” button.

If you cancel two hours prior to requested pickup time, you will get a full refund. But if you cancel after that, we are sorry to say that there is no refund. Please keep this in mind when you make a booking or cancel one.

For more info, visit us at or drop us a line at We will get back at you within 24 hours.

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How to book a return trip on Easiway

Ahoy, Easiway users!

How is everyone in Shenzhen and Hong Kong? It rained today. I hope it was a great escape from the heat this morning. Phew!

Anywho! We’re here to talk about how to book a return trip on Easiway.

Of course, we start by opening the app.

How to book return trip on EasiwayAnnnnnnnd you book a ride: insert date & time, pickup & drop off locations, car type and so on. You know the drill.

How to book return tripHit ‘Reservation.’ You will see this page.

return 3Scroll down to see this!

return 4You can book the exact same trip or a return trip!

return 1All you have to do is select date and time.

You can also book return trip of an order made days ago!

To do that, open app again and hit “Booked Trip.”

How to book return trip on EasiwayClick on a trip that you want to book a return trip for.

return2Hit the three-dotted icon on the top right to book a return trip!

See? Easi as a peanut!

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A 3-a.m. ‘idea’ takes you to Macau

Senado Square in Macau

Senado Square in Macau

I used to daydream all day and stare out the window where my mind showed me the world on a magic carpet ride. Yeah, it didn’t get me anywhere.

But working at a startup, I grew into a person of ideas. My imaginations took me from Chile’s Atacama Desert, the dryest place on earth, all the way to the humid Macquarie Island of Australia in seconds. But a Sunday’s 3-a.m. idea actually put me on a turbo jet to Macau seven hours later.

A thought is: I will go to Macau someday.

An idea is: I will leave at 10 a.m. and get there on the boat an hour later.

A random bird in Macau taken

A random bird in Macau taken

Nothing was really planned out. Everything was new. I was not prepared. But sometimes the best travels are on the whim like a new business.

The counter at Shenzhen’s Shekou Ferry Terminal only took cash. Of course, I only had balance in my WeChat Pay. The ATM would not take my MasterCard.

But help always comes from an unexpected source with awesome sunglasses who didn’t understand a word of my English, but was super cool about giving me his cash in exchange of Wechat Pay.

I even passed by the long bridge between Hong Kong and Macau waters. This view was super exciting for me because once it is done, our Easiway rides will be on them. Look at how endless it goes just like our future! Cheers! For better days to come!

Hong Kong-Macau Bridge

Hong Kong-Macau Bridge

A few minutes in, voila! The iconic Macau’s burning sunlight ray touched my skin red.

St. Paul’s Ruin taken by Canon 60D

St. Paul’s Ruin taken by Canon 60D

From St. Paul’s Ruin, I worked my way down to Patio de Chon Sau, St. Dominic’s Church and Senado Square. The ruin is a good starting point especially on a hot summer day because it is way up the hill.

Somewhere in Macau

Somewhere in Macau

This travel that started on a whim led to me think how much I have change during my stay at Easiway. I used to be someone who didn’t really embark on adventures. But something snapped in me after college. I was tired of always being “almost there.” Playing it safe didn’t better my life.

I went to a good school and thought my life would start after I graduated. But nothing really happened. The world was not excited to show me wonders. It didn’t owe anyone anything.

So I did something a little out of the ordinary from my peers. I left a good paying job and started to work at a tinny tiny company which was the definition of CHAOS (at first). I didn’t even know what questions to ask then.

Senado Square in Macau taken

Near Senado Square in Macau

Here, I learned that being scared (for too long) was not okay and it gets me nowhere. (Boogie Man is only in your thoughts, remember?)

Someone else will never get the job done. So by taking action after telling myself “Screw it! I’m doing it!!!!” I got a mile further, even though it always felt impromptu. It was like fearlessly wandering the streets of Macau.

I had to learn this along with my coworkers for the product and service to be complete and it is getting there now.

Legend Palace Hotel near Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal

Legend Palace Hotel near Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal

Years into this company, a lot has changed. The business is growing. I am changing. I now book tickets to random places the second I have enough saved up, I am no longer afraid to talk to new people and I can say life is fun. I was a person whose world was inside my head and now I realize the real world is also exciting.

Like travelling the world.

Written & Photos by Euna, communicator of Easiway

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Stay Connected

The world is vast.

The world is vast.

What gets you through the day?

Competition is every day. You run and run, but you feel like nothing is enough. Yet, we struggle. We fight because we will all be winners at the end. But on a very bad day, what gets you to not give up?

For me, it’s my family. I video call ‘em up and as soon as it connects, my mother blurts out this laugh that makes everything worth it.

“Hi you!!”

This connection is strong. They have my back so I will not fall and I am in control. They will help me when I am in need and I grow. That feeling that you are not alone is gold.

The world is vast and you need to be together to win.

This is the main concept behind soon-to-be-launched Easishare Management System.

It helps rental car companies to be in control of orders, driver and vehicle. From order input to satisfied customers, the system makes everything in between seamless.

  • Vendors can share order info with drivers and customer accurately.
  • Dispatchers can track drivers and their expenses.
  • It keeps dispatchers and driver alerts so they are in time.
  • Receiving orders and assigning drivers and vehicles can now be done in a few clicks.
  • The automatic timetable also shows drivers’ schedule allowing dispatchers to arrange orders effectively.


With EMS, vendors can exchange order with other partners to serve more orders with the same fleet size.

You don’t have to fight alone.

Be in control.

Stay connected.

Written by. Euna Lee, communicator of EMS

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Easiway’s epicenter

It's a metaphor.

It’s a metaphor.


Let’s say you want to run a kick-ass hot dog stand. The hot dogs are your epicenter. Your hot dog stand is not a hot dog stand without the hot dogs. You may not have ketchup, mustard, relishes or crunchy onions, but it will still be a hot dog stand with those hot dogs.

So what would Easiway’s hot dog be?

When customers book a ride, professional drivers pick them up at their requested time and date. We want to get them where they need to go on their schedule. Delivering this simple, assuring experience is Easiway’s hot dog.

We roll up our sleeves and interact with each vendors that provide such services. We spend days or even months to make sure they will handle each order seriously.

There are no tricks involved. It’s the tone that comes from us.

Okay. We got the vendors on board. So how do we make sure they will continue to provide good service? Our answer is the soon-to-be-launched Easishare Management System, or EMS.

Simply put, it is a fleet management system customized for rental car companies in China.

With it, ride managers know which driver and vehicle are the best match to serve your order.

They know where the drivers are real-time to make sure they are punctual.

They can easily get available drivers from their trusting partners to serve your order when their drivers are all booked.

They can monitor if additional charges are transparently requested to customers.

They track the status of vehicles and driver’s rating to maintain quality service for customers.

So yeah, we can proudly say we are working to keep our hot dogs juicy. Better yet, this effort will keep going on. We have a long way to go. But we want all the players in this market to be happy.

Happy riding. Happy serving.

(This content is inspired by Rework. Thank you, 37singals team, for the wonders your book do.)

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