How immigration check works between Hong Kong, Shenzhen?

Easiway No Hassle

We get it. It’s your first time to cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. You’re worried. It’s only natural.

So which Easiway service are you planning to use?

Thank you, Google Map.

Thank you, Google Map.

Easiway Chauffeured Rides
You will either pass through Shenzhen Bay or Huanggang Port. Which control point you will pass through is determined by what time your trip is and how many passengers are riding, among other reasons.

Don’t worry. The process is similar.

When you get on the cross-border van, the driver will ask for your passports and immigration documents. You need to fill in these documents for both ways, Hong Kong to Shenzhen and Shenzhen to Hong Kong. These forms will be given by the driver. Of course, you need valid travel documents, including Chinese Visa, to get immigration checks without having to get off.

At the border, the vehicle will go through a gate that looks similar to tollgates. At the gate, the driver will hand over your passport to the person in charge and open the doors so the person can match your face to the given documents.

This process will happen twice on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen side, respectively.

For chauffeured rides, you can get on and off at your selected locations.

Easiway Shuttle Map

Shuttle Buses
Shuttle bus rides pass through Shenzhen Bay or Man Kam to Control Points. Both immigration checks will take place by foot.

After you get on at your selected shuttle stop, you will have to get off at the control point with all your belongings.

At Shenzhen Bay, two rounds of immigration checks will take place in one building.

At the Man Kam to Control Point, get off for the first immigration check. Re-ride the bus to head to the second one. You will pass by this control point if you start from Hong Kong Airport on a shuttle bus.

After your second check is over, you will get on the shuttle bus again to go to your final destination. If the control point is your final destination, you can take off from there.

Shuttle Vans
The shuttle vans pass through Shenzhen Bay.

After you get on the van at your selected starting point, you do not have to get off until your drop off stop. Both immigration will take place in the vehicle.

When you hop on, the driver will ask for your passports and immigration documents. You need to fill in these documents for both ways, Hong Kong to Shenzhen and Shenzhen to Hong Kong.

At the border, the vehicle will go through a gate that looks like tollgates. Here, the driver will hand over your passports to the person in charge and open the doors so the person can match your face to the given documents.

This process will happen twice on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen, respectively.

Depending on what travel documents you are holding, the process may differ. But on normal circumstances, these are how the immigration checks are carried out.

For foreign travelers to Hong Kong, you need to fill in this document:

Immigration paperFor foreign travelers to China, you need to write down this one:

Arrival and Departure Card

Get iOS app here or Android app there. Want to learn more about Easiway? Come by our website or drop us a line at

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Easiway Bus Wrapped in Beauty

Being in a startup has its perks. One thing is that you appreciate everything around you. No matter how small that thing is.

Last Monday, our team members gathered around to see one of our buses getting wrapped up into a beauty. It was late, but everyone was jumping up and down with excitement. We really can’t help ourselves.

Beautiful smiles? Check!

Beautiful smiles? Check!

The job went on until 4 am the next morning. The wrapping had to be done at night because it’s sunny in China. It was a long work and we really appreciate the master hands and their dexterity.  (Thank you again and again.)

Easiway Bus

Easiway Bus

The master hands had to meticulously stick the large pieces in sync and poke holes to get rid of the air bubbles one by one. There were a lot of sticking and un-sticking all night.

Annnnd, finally VOILA!

Easiway Bus

The beauty has spread it wings! And, it looks even better in the sunlight.

Easiway Bus

This marks yet another new beginning of Easiway’s drive to ease the tedious commute between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

For those of you who do not understand Chinese, the bus says “Spend Less, Get More” and “Book shuttle buses and vans that cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.”

Book a ticket cashless on the Easiway app and save a seat. You don’t have to wait for the next bus in case the closest one is full. The app shows where to get the tickets printed and where to board the ride. It’s in English, Korean and Chinese so everyone can enjoy.

Want to see Easiway’s next move? Stay tuned!

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Is working at a startup as my first job a good idea?-‘Having prior experience doesn’t hurt’- Part 1

By markus spiske

By markus spiske

No one can answer that question for you, but you can always take people’s different view on it into consideration.

This post is written by our staff from the marketing team. easi6 Limited is not the first company she worked for and her answer is closer to a “No.”

The next post will be written by our staff from the CS team. This company is her first and she says “Absolutely!”

Note that this post will be helpful for commerce students new seeking opportunities.

Having prior experience doesn’t hurt
I am always grateful for my past experiences which really helped me pull through the new journey of a startup. Everything really happens for a reason.

I majored in Communications in Korea, but lived all my life abroad. My dream is to become a communicator that introduces Korea’s brightest ideas to the world. So I took a job at a PR agency before working at easi6.

From the start, I had to juggled with so many clients in different industries, such as semiconductor, data analytics, Hadoop and high-end headphones. For a commerce students, it was a lot to handle with so little time. I had to handle press conferences, set up meetings with reporters, write press releases, columns, reports and jump into bidding to get new accounts.

Work was so hectic that everything was so unorganized and I wasn’t really trained. I had to figure on my own what I didn’t know and learn. It was a jungle out there. I do not want to go back. EVER. But fortunately, everyone there appreciated how I tried to be helpful in any situation.

When I joined Easi6, I had many mentors who offered to help even after I left. In a startup, you work all together, but you each have your own task to execute. Sometimes you are on your own. It’s gets lonely from time to time. So having someone who can give you useful, practical advise means the world.

At a startup, you can apply your past experience in new challenges to discover new potential. It’s one of the many exciting perks a startup can offer. For example, during the Rise Conference held in Hong Kong, Easi6 has hosted a speed date between investors and startups in Tesla rides. It was quite a unique program and I was in charge, but have never done anything like this. Our team’s amazing work and my experience with numerous large-scale press conferences lead the programs to a success. Everything worked out smoothly. Everyone was talking about it and our value really meant something.

In all, I just want to stress that startup is hard even if you know a lot and it won’t be too late to join the ride after having some experience.

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Don’t Forget to Print!

Easiway Shuttle

Easiway has finally opened its cross-border shuttle ticket booking service linking Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Yes! Now you can save a seat on the shuttle bus or van. There’s no need to wait for the next transport if the ride is full.

We just want to remind you that YOU NEED TO GET THE TICKET PRINTED before you ride.

Why not make a system that let’s you skip the visit to the ticket booth? We’re on it! But for now, YOU NEED TO GET THE TICKET PRINTED!

Now that you know that YOU NEED TO GET THE TICKET PRINTED, let me tell you a little about this service.

Easiway shuttles run on 21 bus lines and 3 van lines. Major stops include Hong Kong’s airport, Ocean Park, Tsim Sha Tsui, Disney Land and Shenzhen’s airport, North Station and Futian Bus Terminal. We are aiming to open up more stops and lines down the road.

The lines run through two control points, Shenzhen Bay Port and Man Kam to Control Points. The immigration processes in both points vary.


If you are on the shuttle van, both immigration checks will take place without you getting off. All you need to do this fill out the arrival card and hand over the passport to the person in charge.

For shuttle bus passengers, immigration inspections takes place by foot. Both immigration checks at Shenzhen Bay Port take place in one building.

On the other hand, the two immigration offices at Man Kam to Control Points are far, far away so you need the get on the bus in between. After the first immigration check, the bus you need to get into isn’t hard to spot. If you do hit a snag, grab a staff’s attention and point to your ticket and sticker and s/he will show you the way.

When you get your ticket issued, you will receive a sticker, too. Again, DO NOT LOSE THESE! Your final destination will be written on the sticker so you can get on the right vehicle.

The app will tell you which control points you will be going through. It also has images and maps to show you where you can get the tickets printed and where to board the ride.

Don’t worry! You are in good hands.

But if you do face a problem and don’t speak a word of Mandarin yet, contact points will be given to you on the app after you book a ticket(s).

Should you have any questions, drop us an email at We love hearing from you guys.

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