Is working at a startup as my first job a good idea?-‘Having prior experience doesn’t hurt’- Part 1

By markus spiske

By markus spiske

No one can answer that question for you, but you can always take people’s different view on it into consideration.

This post is written by our staff from the marketing team. easi6 Limited is not the first company she worked for and her answer is closer to a “No.”

The next post will be written by our staff from the CS team. This company is her first and she says “Absolutely!”

Note that this post will be helpful for commerce students new seeking opportunities.

Having prior experience doesn’t hurt
I am always grateful for my past experiences which really helped me pull through the new journey of a startup. Everything really happens for a reason.

I majored in Communications in Korea, but lived all my life abroad. My dream is to become a communicator that introduces Korea’s brightest ideas to the world. So I took a job at a PR agency before working at easi6.

From the start, I had to juggled with so many clients in different industries, such as semiconductor, data analytics, Hadoop and high-end headphones. For a commerce students, it was a lot to handle with so little time. I had to handle press conferences, set up meetings with reporters, write press releases, columns, reports and jump into bidding to get new accounts.

Work was so hectic that everything was so unorganized and I wasn’t really trained. I had to figure on my own what I didn’t know and learn. It was a jungle out there. I do not want to go back. EVER. But fortunately, everyone there appreciated how I tried to be helpful in any situation.

When I joined Easi6, I had many mentors who offered to help even after I left. In a startup, you work all together, but you each have your own task to execute. Sometimes you are on your own. It’s gets lonely from time to time. So having someone who can give you useful, practical advise means the world.

At a startup, you can apply your past experience in new challenges to discover new potential. It’s one of the many exciting perks a startup can offer. For example, during the Rise Conference held in Hong Kong, Easi6 has hosted a speed date between investors and startups in Tesla rides. It was quite a unique program and I was in charge, but have never done anything like this. Our team’s amazing work and my experience with numerous large-scale press conferences lead the programs to a success. Everything worked out smoothly. Everyone was talking about it and our value really meant something.

In all, I just want to stress that startup is hard even if you know a lot and it won’t be too late to join the ride after having some experience.

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