How to Add Credit Card on the Easiway App

Ahoy, Easiway users! Here is your simple guide to add your credit card on the Easiway App.

Open App

How to add credit cardYou will see this page after you have opened the application. Click on the hamburger-looking icon on the top left.

Add Card

how to add credit card 1Click on ‘Payment’! To see this shot below.

how to add credit card 2Here, tap to add your credit card. You will see a notification that says:

how to add credit card 3Hit confirm. You can either scan or insert by keyboard your credit card number, expiration date and CVC.

Now you are all set to make those bookings! Enjoy the rides!

For more info, reach us at or visit our website at

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How to Book Hourly Rides on Easiway

Ahoy, Easiway users! Here is your simple guide to make hourly bookings on the Easiway App.

Open App

how to book hourly order 1We say “Hi!” with this page here. Go on ahead and click the second menu that says “Chauffeur Service”.

(If you need to add your credit card, click the top left hamburger icon and hit “Payment”.)

Time is of the essence!

how to book hourly order 2Of course, you need to let us know when to pick you up.  Click “Date & Time”.

how to book hourly order 3This will be page you will see but skip it and click “Hourly” on the top of the calendar. And, you’ll see this page below:

how to book hourly order 4Now, select date and pickup time. Also, insert how many hours will you be using the car. “All Day” will insert 10 hours.

For travels in Hong Kong, the hourly charge is 300HKD for van and luxury sedans, like Alphards and Tesla Model S. You need to select at least three hours of use.

For cross border travels, Alphard will pick you up and you have to use at least 10 hours. Price starts at 3,000CNY.

You have to book two hours prior to pickup time as we are an reservation service, not an on-demand one. Our drivers need time to reach you.

Where Do You Want to Go?

how to book hourly order 5Next, tell us where to pick you up. If you need to cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, check the box above. The trip fee will include two travels across the border. You can add stops if you want, but you can just tell us where to pick you up and you can talk to the driver where to take you directly. Most of our drivers are Chinese speakers, but drivers who travels within Hong Kong may speak English.

Choose Car Type

how to book hourly order 6Car types vary depending on where your travel will take place. For cross border travels, only Alphard are available, but for other trips sedans and buses are available too.


how to book hourly order 7Now, all you have to do is make a payment and you’re good to go!



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Work hard, play hard

Work hard, play hard

We’re on the seventh floor of a garden apartment in Longhua, Shenzhen. The whole team will be here for awhile. The boot camp mode is ON!

Many ask us how is Easiway different from other platforms. We are creating a professional fleet management system called Easishare Management System for car rental companies to effectively manage drivers and vehicles. Dispatchers can keep a close eye on drivers so they are not late and such. You know the drill.

Long story short, we make all players in the industry happy.

Definitely, it’s hard work for all team members. A good product calls for a close communicaton. That’s why we’re all here. We talk night and day fixing things, making things, having fun and enduring the occasional stressed-out phase.

There are other moments when you try to not feel awkward when an arguement between other team members get pretty heated up. Of course, we argue because we all care and it’s required for a good product to surface.

It all works beautifully because the sales team can give feedback to the dev team right away and the product becomes better each day.

We work hard. So we play hard (once in a while).

Guangzhou Tower

Guangzhou Tower

All team members went along with the sales team who had a meeting with a vendor in Guangzhou and got to see this beauty. Not a cloud in the sky. It was a good day.

We also stopped by Shamian Island to see some vintage buildings that stole our hearts. We did nothing, but walk and it was perfect.

Shamian Island

Shamian Island

In Guangzhou, there are a lot of fashion hopefuls who sell on online shopping giant Tao Bao which explains the ton of fashion photo shoots going on down the streets.

Young, but fierce

Young, but fierce

I shouldn’t stare at people but she was really pretty.

I shouldn’t stare at people but she was really pretty.

It was soothing especially because the atmostphere was so chill. Away from the boot camp, we enjoyed the peaceful faces there.

Work hard, play hard

Work hard, play hard

Work hard, play hard

After this trip, we’re here back to work.

This will be a time that will never come again. When will the team members ever be working together this closely to build something that we believe in?

It’s a process that needs dedication and commitment. Communication is key to bring everyone on the same page. Years and years later, we will keep remembering this time: our own good old days that made history.

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Being Frances Ha

Easiway-Frances Ha

She’s lovable, but you don’t want to be her.

Frances is a 27-year-old woman who starts out in Brooklyn to become a dancer. She is an apprentice dancer in a small company. But she doesn’t get a full membership and her life unravels. Her best friend/roommate moves out to live in Tribeca where Frances can’t afford. Frances is up in the air with no place to live, no job and alone.

She wears a dorky smile to hide her agony as she struggles. There is something uncomfortable about her attitude in life. She is in between. Why can’t she just get a real job like everybody else? You may think.

But hey! Give her a break. She’s only trying to climb over the fence that the industrial age had built.

This fence had trapped us with “the bait of decent pay and plenty of prizes” as Seth Godin puts it. As the industrial age fades, this fence that makes us feel safe disappears too, but we are not aware of it. Not yet.

“Following instructions is overrated.”

Being human now means being something bigger. Being human now means to fly a lot closer to the sun if you wanted to. So we need to create wings not made of wax, but something stronger. We all need to be artists and be more human.

Not a lot of us has tried this before. We do not have mentors.  So it’s only natural that Frances’s new attempt look awkward and uneasy.

We don’t want to be her yet, but we should. We will.

I got a real job!

You may be still in school at the age of 30. You may have a law degree but choose to work as a tollbooth attendant.

Yeah. You sound like someone who is outside the fence living a risky life. Ooooooor you may be the artist that shows the world how much higher we can fly. You may feel out of place because you’re not on the path that others are on. But you’re not alone.

The old industrial age mostly taught us that other players in the market are your competitors and we have to fight against each other to survive. But we at easi6 created a platform so rental car companies can cooperate to survive. We are helping them to serve more orders with the same number of fleets. We are outside of the fence. We are showing how high we can fly and the vendors are joining us.

So in a way, we are artists.

Good news is you can be one, too.

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures Inc., IFC Films

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Travel Forever

Jokulsarlon in Iceland taken by Huawei P9

You travel once, you travel forever because you relive the wandering moments every day.

I’m not complaining, but working at a startup is darn hard. You are constantly brainstorming and figuring it out.

Then you lose you.

Business is all about building a relationship with partners and customers. Character is what moves a person. But if you lose yourself, your business has no personality. There’s no fun it that.

Business is growing. That’s great. To make it grow even bigger, you have to find yourself.

So just go.

Unknown location in Bruges taken by Huawei P9

Let It Go
Walking along the endless canal of Bruges, I looked up and all was blue. I spotted a jet up in the sky. Time flew, but the plane could not go far because the sky was forever.

God! I felt free and it was heavenly. Since I work in a small company, there is always fear that your mistake will turn into something big. It’s difficult to forgive yourself for the flaws.

But the sky told me to be more forgiving to myself and also others so I can move on quickly. No more overthinking. No more putting too much meaning into everything.

I agreed.

Be Fearless
Walk. Explore. Talk to people. Walk some more. Take chances. Be fluent in being alone.

None of my travels were planned and I was travelling solo. This made me fearless.

I started talking to new people who had good ideas of where I should head to and that’s where I would be the next day.

Being alone allowed me to go anywhere on a whim and it was daring. The bolder I was, I was able to see more.

There were times when I hit a snag. I had to go to Antwerp from Brussels but I did not have my ticket printed and the machines at the print shops were all broken. I was amazing at how much I stayed calm and carefully looked for solutions. Luckily, I made it to Antwerp and had the best tiramisu that Europe can offer.

Central Station in Amsterdam taken by Huawei P9

In the moment
Leaving your hectic life behind allows you to appreciate the world more. I wanted to live in the moment to the fullest so I paid attention to everything big and small.

Time and money will never be enough in travelling. The list of places to go never ends. I will always feel like I could add one more stop.

But everything is nothing.

So I decided to believe where I am now is the best place and who I am with now is the best person in the world.

Unknown location in Iceland taken by Huawei P9

Whether we’re chasing the northern lights in Iceland or our dreams in reality, we are always travelling. But to make this journey beautiful, we have to remember to say focused, independent, fearless, calm and easy-going.

So let’s go.

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On Emotional Intelligence

© 1997 Miramax Pictures- all rights reserved

© 1997 Miramax Pictures- all rights reserved

I feel like we talk less about getting through a bad day. Life actually passes by one day at a time. We interact with people and even ourselves all the time.

Focusing mostly on the big picture, our system teaches us more about skills to be productive, but less on how to build a good relationship or find out what we want.

Some people have a hard time connecting with people and themselves. Like Professor Sean Maguire said, it’s not your fault. He can say it a million times; It’s not your fault. So it should be okay to take your time, but the real world doesn’t wait for anyone.  The system is tailored mainly for extroverts and resilient people.

What school never teaches us is how to grow emotionally and to digest life slowly one day at a time. I guess, this is why it took so long for everyone to actually notice the importance of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is composed of being aware of your emotions and using what you are aware of to navigate the way you act. It also consists of understanding emotions of other people and using what you picked up to effectively interact with them, according to Travis Bradberry.

Unlike your ability to learn which mainly stays constant throughout your life, you can enhance emotional intelligence with practice. Emotional intelligence helps us in our professional life.

An experiment by TalentSmart found out that emotional intelligence is the strongest indicator of performance, out of 33 other job skills. It accounted for a full 58% of success in all types of career.

It is something that influences your every day. The study shows that 90 percent of the top performers were emotionally intelligent. The study claims that people who are highly intelligent in this area make much more money than those who aren’t– an average of $29,000 more annually.

So how do different people boost their emotional intelligence? I asked a few of my friends who are all in the startup scene.

“College was exciting because you could be friends with anyone! I spent a lot of my time meeting people and just talk. I would then talk about myself too. I think this is how I understood myself better.”

“I watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books. It’s a way to learn new culture and mindset and it really gives you time to reflect on yourself and others.”

“My mother. She was a nurse so she spent a lot of her time with people. I would complain to her about work and relationships. She would always give me the best advice ever.”

“I ask a lot of questions to my colleagues at work. I would make suggestions and ask their advice. They would tell me what they wanted and thought and I always asked, ‘Why?’ It helps.”

“My relationship with my parents and teachers from school since young played an important part. They were always understanding and considerate.”

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3 films that deal with repression, lethargy, restlessness

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

The startup world mostly talks about the blitz and glamour. They talk about how ‘cool’ it is to have beer or a pool table in the office. They go on and on about their flexible working hours and how they will be the next ‘Uber’ of something.

Yeah, that’s all great. But what gets you through are the dark parts. It is full of sleepless nights where the question of “Did I make the right choice?” echoes in your head. We are only human. Things are going great, but there are other times that are difficult.

You are not always in the position of power and there are so many ways to find your rock. Sparing two to three hours for a good old film can really help you through the day. It sure works for me.

Here are three brilliant films that explore the feeling of repression, lethargy and restlessness.

  1. Repression: Carrie, 1976
Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images - © 2011 Getty Images

Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images – © 2011 Getty Images

Rage is actually a good mechanism to protect yourself. We think too much of what others feel that it makes us blind to realize how much we get hurt. Sometimes we want to explode and scream on the top of our lungs, “What’s going on!” It’s okay to be angry at the world when things don’t work out. But we can’t go crazy uncontrollably. We have our social life to keep.

Let Carrie do that for you. Based on the Stephen King’s beloved novel, this movie tells a story about a repressed fragile girl. She is abused by her disturbed mother and treated poorly by the other kids. They are so cruel they dump a bucket of pig’s blood on her at the prom after they maliciously vote her as prom queen. Then she goes telekinetically psycho on everyone.

It’s so pleasing and rewarding that the anger and stress mounted inside of you are cleansed out when the credits are rolling. The King himself loved this film so much that when he was asked what he thought about the upcoming 2013 remake, he said, “The real question is why, when the original was so good?”

  1. Lethargy: While We’re Young, 2014
Photo by Jon Pack

Photo by Jon Pack

We have to stop living in the past. That way we are forever young.

This comedy takes a look into a childless couple Josh and Cornelia, brilliantly played by Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts, who are in their forties and can’t remember the last time they had a ‘fun, spontaneous’ night out. The real stories begin after the two meet a young couple in their mid-twenties. The two are so spirited and energetic the older couple wants to spend more time together doing silly stuff like wearing a hippie hat or attending a hip-hop dance class.

The film compares one vibrant couple to another couple who clings onto youth as if it has gone away. But I like how Josh and Cornelia come to realize that youth is here to stay and the past time they have spent being ‘adults’ has given them wisdom. The balance in everything is always the key.

As George Bernard Shaw perfectly puts it, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” So let’s keep playing.

  1. Restlessness: Take Shelter, 2013
© 2011 - Sony Pictures Classics

© 2011 – Sony Pictures Classics

You feel like no one believes you, but your guts tell you otherwise. You know you are right, but it’s hard to explain why. You are restless. You need just one person to believe in you and tell you that you are good enough. These emotions are explored in this movie.

The main character Curtis, beautifully portrayed by Michael Shannon, has these bad, vivid dreams: The storm destroys his home or his car is attacked by a horde of unknown people who eventually snatches his daughter away from him. He takes his warnings seriously and does what he can to guard his family. He goes far lengths to build a shelter in his backyard and people start to talk about how unstable he has become.

The very talented director Jeff Nichols subtly builds suspense slowly throughout the film leaving audiences at the edge of their seats. The story is so driven with the power of love, belief, commitment, terror and dread.

The film ends with an ambiguous ending which were interpreted in many different ways. The master of storytelling Nichols reflected that he had a “strict idea of what the end of Take Shelter was.” But the ‘beautiful part’ is that the audiences are “also telling you something about themselves too through their reactions.”

Have you watched this film? How did you react?

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