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The easi6 team is back from Dublin’s Web Summit. Thank you, Web Summit, for the booth and wonderful time. Never had we ever met such inspirational people. We picked four keywords that best describe our experience there.


#Big Heart
Many tech blog posts say to set up meetings in advance, especially if the event is as large as the Web Summit. This is very true. But, beauty also came from being surprised while wandering round the booths. We ran into this 10-year-old young star with a big heart, who claims to be the youngest CEO at the Web Summit, being interviewed by a major TV reporter. This little guy made the Ability App that helps people with disabilities find locations, employments, businesses and services that are disability friendly. With this guy in the spotlight, it shows that anyone can make change. All you need is to care for others.

The talks arranged by the event were also interesting. What are the chances you get to meet Mike Krieger, co-Founder of Instagram, or Ed Catmull, President of Pixar & Disney Animation Studios. Man, that big hall was packed with so many people, it was hard to breath. (Well, sort of.)

What really hit us hard was the word conviction stressed by Jeff Lawson, co-Founder and CEO of Twilio. He told us a story of how he was in other businesses before, but had to leave because he did not love his business, customers and everything about it. You hear about tools useful for your business. But what good will they do if you do not love what you do? The key is to do what you believe in. Are you sure this is what you want to do? Are certain people need your product? If your answer is yes, you will always find a way to make it.


In the final moments of the event, Paddy Crosgrave, Founder of the Web Summit, gave a speech that exuded great influence over us. He stressed equality. He encouraged members of the Web Summit audience to join the Walk4Eva, a campaign against the Catholic control of education in Ireland. The campaign is named after Eva Panicker, a Hindu girl struggling to find a nearby school that would accept her. Everyone deserves education regardless of your religion, gender and nationality. Equality leads us to diversity, a fuel that generates new ideas. Without this, an industry will not survive and a country will not grow. Paddy really showed us to fight for what we believe in. He showed us the courage to build a better future, not just for your business but for others.


The Korean media frequently talks about how the government is pushing to create momentum for the startup scene, as part of nation’s drive for ‘creative economy.’ But is it difficult to obtain press coverage because we do not have significant numbers yet. The stress is on the results rather than the story. This did not stop us from reaching out. We sought out reporters and media that would be interested in our service Easiway and told our story in the most sincere way. Then we met Lourda Sexton from CCTV News at the Web Summit and her wonderful coverage hit the airwaves on Nov. 5. Above is the a scene of the interview of our CEO Kay Woo with Sexton. Sexton said, “Kay Woo [CEO of Easishare Limited] developed an app called Easiway that allows passengers to book cross-border transport between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.” We were patient and persistent and finally found our way to tell the world about our service. Opportunities may rely on chances, but great opportunities are made.

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Easiway Connects Passengers, Van Drivers across Hong Kong, Shenzhen


Ever heard of Easiway? This van-hailing mobile application connects passengers to the nearest van drivers travelling across Hong Kong and Shenzhen. EASISHARE LIMITED, a joint Hong Kong-based startup by easi6 and Chinese counterparts, created this app to connect people.

This business started from our good old friend, Justin, who goes to work from Hong Kong to Shenzhen every day. For seven years, he spent two hours on the road to get to his office. But an hour was spent getting off the public transportation to wait in line for immigration checkups in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The same went for 219 million people who crossed the border to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong in 2014. An average of some 600,000 each day spent an hour in line. That’s equivalent to a whopping 70 years in total.

So Easiway stepped in to save time. The vans booked by Easiway have two plates, one for Hong Kong and the other for Shenzhen. This allows passengers to get their immigration verification in the vans. It’s like passing through toll gates. Not more getting off the public bus. No more long lines that just make your eyes rolls. Ugh! Not only that. You can save around 50 minutes for each round trip.

Today, there are around 20,000 vans with two plates organized by some 2,000 rental companies. Before Easiway, passengers booked vans mostly through calls and these reservations were recorded in hand. (Quite old fashioned.)


At first, Easiway was designed to handle a simple task of connecting passengers and vans. This model was not different from other van-booking apps. But, the rental companies wanted to keep the old system of allowing passengers to make bookings with phone calls. This was because they wanted to keep their loyal customers. So now, Easiway offers a manager tool which pushes reservation made through phone calls to drivers’ application. Easiway also has a CEO tool. Rental company owners can easily see various indicators, such as revenue charts and booking rates, to get a good idea of how their firms are being operated. So yeah, you can say this app is more of an ecosystem that involves passengers, drivers, managers and company owners.

We are pushing to build closer relationship with our Chinese partners and to boost profits for them with an effective algorithm that decreases the number of empty vans. We believe such effort will also prop up the global customer base of Easiway. We will keep our eyes and ears open for better change and keep up our good work in reflecting what people need on our app.

Written by Kay Woo kay.woo@easi-share.com
Image by Sunny Hong sunny.hong@easi6.com

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