[Press Release] Van-booking app ‘Easiway’ connects Hong Kong, Shenzhen, saving 50 mins of travel time


– With Easiway, travelers don’t have to get off vans for immigration checks in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, shortening one-way trips by some 50 minutes

– Easiway offers various payment methods, including Alipay

HONG KONG, August 13, 2015— Hong Kong-based software and retailing startup EASISHARE LIMITED, announced today it launched van-hailing mobile application Easiway that connects passengers to the closest vans travelling across Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

With Easiway, available for downloading at eight major Chinese Android markets, Google Play and Apple Store, users can be verified at the seat of their vehicles simply by passing through immigration gates. This is possible because vans booked by Easiway have two plates, one for Shenzhen and the other for Hong Kong.

“Easiway shortens the traveling time across Hong Kong and Shenzhen by at least 50 minutes,” Kay woo, CEO of EASISHARE LIMITED, said. “Basically, you can say that it is one of the most convenient ways to travel.”

Regular travelers by public transportation or personal cars approximately spends an hour to get off their vehicles twice to get in line for immigration checks in board control points both in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Easiway users simply needs to type in his or her destination on the app, which will be sent to the available van drivers.

The app is available in Chinese, English, Korean and soon in Japan. It also offers various payment methods, including Alipay and Apple Pay.

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