How to get your Easiway shuttle tickets issued and get on the ride

Ahoy, Easiway users.

Another week, another blog post on how to get your Easiway shuttle tickets issued and where to board you ride.

It is a hassle to cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen on the coach or van. These services have stops in two cities.


You just need to know where to get your tickets printed and where to board your ride.

Book in advance with the Easiway app and we’ll save you a seat.

First of all, after you have booked a ticket, go to Booked Trip.

How to book return trip on Easiway

Click click on the reservation you want. Let’s select the most bottom one.

how to  2

And, here you are.

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Okay, so. The policies for each tickets are different depending on where you are going and which transportation operator you bought it from. Read all the notification you receive before making a payment and finalizing your purchase.

Also, read carefully all the notifications on this page.

So on this booking, you are departing from Tsim Sha Tsui. Tap on “>>” to see where to get your tickets printed and issued.

how to  4

We have prepared maps and images to get you on the ride.

If you click “<” you will go back to the previous page.

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Tap on the “Immigration Checks Guide” to see how exactly it works. Scroll down to see our Caution list, too!

Remember! Our shuttles don’t cross the border by Huanggang Port. For more info, visit or drop us a line at

Bon voyage!

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