[Press Release] Van-booking service Easiway makes business trips across Hong Kong, Shenzhen easy

– With Easiway Corporate Web Tool, businesspersons don’t have to get off vans for custom checks at the border of Hong Kong and Shenzhen
– Corporate packages offer premium rides at affordable price
– Web tool is available in Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese 

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HONG KONG, Oct. 21, 2015— Hong Kong-based software startup EASISHARE LIMITED announced today it launched Easiway Corporate Web Tool tailored for corporations to easily book premium vans authorized to cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen on their PCs.

Kay woo, CEO of EASISHARE LIMITED, said, “Shenzhen is the hub for China’s hardware ecosystem and called the ‘Holy Land’ of manufacturers. Global companies frequently visit the city as Shenzhen’s manufacturers build product samples even in small amount. Many of these international firms enter the city through Hong Kong as the flights to Shenzhen are often delayed. We aim to provide high-quality door-to-door service for business persons traveling between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.”

Easiway van passengers can be verified without having to get off simply by passing through custom gates for authorized vehicles, allowing them to focus on their work. This is possible because Easiway vans are registered in Hong Kong and mainland China. Public transportation passengers spend at least an hour to get off their vehicles to get in line for custom checks at the border.

Woo added, “Chinese rental vehicles are known for being late and canceling at the last moment. Also, passengers have a hard time finding available vans. So we created a system where only passenger side can cancel a ride and rate drivers to ensure we maintain the best quality of service. Plus, businesses and corporations now do not need to hire and manage drivers. With Easiway Corporate Web Tool, companies and their partners can now travel between Hong Kong and Shenzhen efficiently at their convenience.”

Companies can use this web tool after requesting for an account at http://corp.easi-way.com/. Prepaid corporate packages are also ready in groups of 8, 15 and 30 van rides at an affordable price. The number of e-tickets will pop up on the web tool and will be deducted each time they are used. Companies can also share these e-tickets with their employees or business partners.

Companies need to type in departing and arrival destinations of their employees or business partners on the web tool, which will be sent to the nearest van drivers. The web tool is available in Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese.

The web tool is an extension of EASISHARE LIMITED’s van-booking mobile application Easiway that connects regular passengers to the closest van drivers traveling across Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The product, launched in August, is available for downloading at 10 major Chinese Android markets, Google Play and Apple Store.

The Hong Kong-based startup is also revving up for Easishare Ride, an upcoming function that groups up to six people to share an Easiway van and spilt the fare.

Easiway bookings and other inquiries are also available at +400-050-9291 (Chinese and Korean. For China use only) and +82-70-7718-2605(Korean and English).

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