How to book a return trip on Easiway

Ahoy, Easiway users!

How is everyone in Shenzhen and Hong Kong? It rained today. I hope it was a great escape from the heat this morning. Phew!

Anywho! We’re here to talk about how to book a return trip on Easiway.

Of course, we start by opening the app.

How to book return trip on EasiwayAnnnnnnnd you book a ride: insert date & time, pickup & drop off locations, car type and so on. You know the drill.

How to book return tripHit ‘Reservation.’ You will see this page.

return 3Scroll down to see this!

return 4You can book the exact same trip or a return trip!

return 1All you have to do is select date and time.

You can also book return trip of an order made days ago!

To do that, open app again and hit “Booked Trip.”

How to book return trip on EasiwayClick on a trip that you want to book a return trip for.

return2Hit the three-dotted icon on the top right to book a return trip!

See? Easi as a peanut!

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A room of one’s own for females at startups


Step inside our office. I’m easy to spot because the only girl there is me. Yeah, you guessed right. I’m not a developer.

What’s that like?
Well, at first you do a little feel left out when everyone else is hustling each other on the Play Station, being guys! But soon enough, you find yourself joining the game and doing not bad.

You also get to feel less guilty for being too full to finish your lunch because someone will take it. FACT: Men eat more than women. ….Well okay, most of the time.

You’re flattered when not one, but THREE brainy developers go out their way to help you just to get your new desktop up and running. It’s super fast and the most high-end program I regularly use is Microsoft’s Excel. It’s just awesome. I have the best computer in the world.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies
Developers are creators every day and as the log knows it, there’s always evidence. But for marketers and PR specialists like myself, we build relationships and our effort doesn’t always meet the eyes.

It’s a bummer, but sometimes we feel like we are not contributing enough.

While talking to a bunch of people at startup networking events, I realized that the majority of those who battle with this feeling are women. It’s no secret that women account for a very small percentage of the world’s software developers. Many of them are pressured to prove something like the developers do.

It also a bummer that being a girl means that it’s sometimes harder to get attention.

Last year, I was in charge of a booth at a startup conference. One of our developers was kind enough to help out with the heavy lifting. I was supposed to do most of the talking but whenever he contributed to the conversation (which I have no problem with), I just could feel all of the visitors’ attention getting locked to him. Their body would gradually turned away from me. He is a buff, tall and older guy. That’s everything I’m not.

So, so what!
The real demon reveals its face if you let it bother you. It’s easier said than done. But if your team believes in you, the battle is won.

Communicate. Then, your boss and teammates will understand that your efforts takes its time to surface. Share what you have been doing and why simply over lunch or coffee. Those who matter will value you and your work.

Well, if your team doesn’t? Something’s terribly wrong.

How do you make your team believe in you?
Public Relations was the only area I was familiar with when I stepped foot in this company. But in the beginning, there was nothing to talk about to the press or public. The aforementioned OH-MY-GOD-I-AM-SO-WORTHLESS phase took me away.

Resenting the defeat, I started testing our Easiway app hundreds of times, constantly showering the developers with questions. Because the app allows users to book cross-border rides between Hong Kong and China, it’s quite complicated, especially for first timers. Complex immigration check regulations, visa issue and so much more are involved.

I was devoted to understand the whole picture and help users to feel at ease during the booking and traveling process. Many of our customers are foreigners and they tend to get dazed and confused by the border crossing. So was I.

It was a tedious process, but I was determined. I have helped customers so many times that they shared constructive feedback. I voiced it to the developers and they would listen and reflect it on the product. I found myself contributing to our business every day.

And, now I have evolved into a service designer. Thanks to my passion for this service and our customers, all the things that needed to be done by a service designer came naturally to me.

With confidence, I can say that my teammates believe in me as I do in them. With their support, I am growing and making a difference and gender has nothing to do with it.

Written and photo by: Euna Lee, Communicator of Easiway

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Are you traveling in a group or family visa in China?

Group Travel

If you are traveling to China with a group or family visa, the holders must stick together during immigration checks. If one member of your group isn’t present, the rest can’t pass. It’s really strict. You also have to be in one vehicle when you cross the border into China by land.

Easiway app books chauffeur driven cross-border vans for travelers between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. So if you and your group holds group or family visa, you guys need to be in one van.

Up to six people can ride an Easiway van. So what happens if your group is bigger and has to book more than one vehicle? The vans will take you to Huangguang port. But here your group unfortunately has to get off for immigration checks. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience. The van will be waiting near the immigration office. You don’t need to take a long walk to cross the border. Huangguang port is opened for 24 hours so you don’t need to worry about the time.

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Don’t worry even if your flight is delayed

by anieto2k

by anieto2k

Dear Easiway customers,

Many of you ride our vans authorized to cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen at the airport. You may worry about the waiting fee in case your flight is delayed. One of today’s customer had to suffer an eight-hour wait thanks to his delayed flight from Beijing to Hong Kong. Yes, these things do happen and it’s not your fault.

This is why we ask for your flight number. The driver will check when you will arrive. He doesn’t have to wait and you don’t have to pay extra. Please do put in your flight number as a note in our app.

Have more questions? WeChat us at Easiway_Support or email us at We would love to hear your thoughts on our service. Always.

Easiway team

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How do you get your visa issued when visiting China?

City of Shenzhen

City of Shenzhen


Some nationalities, like South Koreans, are required with visa to enter China. Be sure to get your visa issued from verified and widely-used agencies, especially if you’re getting group/paper visa.

It was a late Friday night when a Korean customer called us for help on her way from Shenzhen to Hong Kong in our Easiway van. Shenzhen’s custom office had asked our customer to get off the vehicle at the border. It was unexpected because Easiway vans allow passengers with visa to get custom checks without having to get off. She had entered Shenzhen from Hong Kong with a group/paper visa earlier that day.

It turned out that the agency that issued the visa was not listed in the custom office’s system. Eventually, she had to wait until the custom office staff was able to reach someone from the agency. This took a lot of her time. She even missed her ferry to Macau from Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal. So we had to help her communicate with a cab driver to take her to a different terminal. It surely was a looooooong day for her.

Dodge this hassle by getting visa to China issued from an agency that is widely-used and make sure it will take full responsibility that such problem will not occur. Getting visa from travel agencies can be another good choice.

Find out if you need visa to China here.

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Does your business travel between Hong Kong, Shenzhen often?


Ever crossed the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen? Two words for it: TOO STRESSFUL. Especially for business people. Having to get off the public transportation for custom checks at the border really makes you lose your mojo.

So we created Easiway Corporation Web Tool tailored for companies to book premium vans authorized to cross the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen on their PCs. These vans are registered in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, allowing passengers to get custom checks without having to get off. At the border, the van passes through custom check gates for authorized vehicles.

Now you can relax and focus on your work in the vans until you arrive on the other side.

Shenzhen is the place to go for hardware industries because its manufacturers build product samples even in small amount. Many global companies enter this Holy Land of manufacturers via Hong Kong. One reason is because flights to Shenzhen are often delayed.

Corporate packages are available for companies to enjoy these easy rides at an affordable price. One ticket will be deducted each time a van is booked on the web tool. These tickets can also be shared with employees or business partners. It could be a great token of gratitude, don’t you think?

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Don’t have travel visa to Shenzhen?

Photo by Ryan McGuire

Photo by Ryan McGuire

Ok. Let’s say you are on your business trip to Hong Kong. But out of nowhere, your boss asks you to meet an important client in Shenzhen.

Now, you’re panicking because you don’t have a travel visa to China. Also, the line for the immigration checks in the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen will be loooooooooong at this rush hour. What’s worse is that you are drop dead tired.

Thankfully, you remember this van-hailing app called Easiway a friend once mentioned in a bar. You download it. You sign up. You book a ride. It also asks whether or not you have a travel visa to China. You press No! No! No!

By the way, Easiway connects passengers and van drivers travelling across Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The thing is you don’t have to get off your car for immigration checks, while public transportation passengers have to. It will be like passing through toll gates. You simply give your passport to the guy in charge at these gates. The guy will match your face and let you pass to the other side. Just like that!

Next, a van arrives in front of you and you get on. Because you don’t have a travel visa, it takes you to the Huanggang Port where you can get your visa and back to your van to Shenzhen.

Ah, yes. Life can be easi, especially with Easiway.

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