Our First Bits of Exposure

Back on April 17th, we wrote a blog piece entitled:  A Blog About a Blog.  It was about our first piece of exposure outside of an easi6, or team member, social media page.  As we explain in that first blog, the site that agreed to upload our post is Platum – a Korean Web/blog site for sharing startup experiences & insights.  What we didn’t mention was that Platum had asked for us to start a new series.

The 오빠, 잊지마~ Series

The series name translates as “Don’t forget, Mister~”, and, since that first upload, the easi6 team has submitted and has had posted two more pieces:

[오빠, 잊자마] #2. ‘때 (Timing)’


&, just this week…

[오빠, 잊자마] #3. ‘Jordan’s Thoughts’


Though the first 2 posts of the series were only available in Korean, this 3rd piece is posted with both the original English version and the Korean translation.

Learning to Share

It’s like kindergarten all over again.  At first, not only did we not know what to share, we also made the assumption that we didn’t have anything valuable to share; the result was a certain discontent with sharing in general.  However, what we found was that sharing was as much a valuable experience for us as any given post might be an interesting read for potential viewers.  Learning to share was a process that drove home the need to keep things in perspective, set and evaluate milestones, stay true to our core mission, and clearly and concisely convey our value proposition.

It has been said that essay writing can be a tool for self-discovery.  We’d argue that, when it comes to blogging, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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