Tomoni v1.0 Has Been Submitted to Apple!

App Store iconJust  this past weekend, the easi6 team submitted Tomoni to the Apple App Store for approval.  We’re excited to have Tomoni hybrid v1.0 for iOS completed.  Next on our list of priorities is to get our Android OS version ready for upload to Google Play as well.


Going Native

Once Tomoni hybrid v1.0 is ready for retail, the app will be made available for free download in both stores.  On the develop-ment side, the easi6 team will then begin work on native Tomoni apps for iOS and Android.  With native apps, the team will be able to develop and implement advanced features, including innovative, location-based functions and early gamification features.

Let’s disrupt social discovery!

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Sports, Drinks, Eats, & Meetups

That’s our starting point.  Social activities that people do almost every day, save for grabbing drinks.  We do not encourage drinking every day.  In fact, we would recommend against it.  Drop a tomo for a social run in the park instead!

Will We Expand the List?


activity_1activity_2activity_3activity_4_femaleactivity_4_maleMaybe.  We’re not sure yet.  At this early stage, we’re looking to see how this service plays in the market, and how our user network grows.  There’s something to be said for keeping it simple.  Plus, it works well for our current UI.

Any Suggestions?

That being said, we’re open to suggestions.  We’d actually really appreciate your suggestions.  This is Tomoni v1.0; we have a long way to go and a lot of cool features in the works.  If there’s an activity/market that we’re overlooking, please let us know.  You can connect with us anytime on Facebook or Twitter, and we’d be happy to hear from you!

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A New Look for easi6

20140202 easi6 New LookWith the pending release of our social discovery app @tomoniapp, we wanted to give @easi6 a new look.  Just last week, our development team launched an updated easi6 team page, complete with our updated logo.

Drop by today, and learn more about our mobile app portfolio and the team behind it.

More interested in hardware?  Keep in touch with us.  Our engineers have academic training and professional experience in hardware development, and we have plans to expand our product line with an innovative hardware device for individuals and businesses alike.

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The New Seoul Office

It’s been a busy fall 2013 and winter 2014 for the easi6 team!  Over the past couple of months, the easi6 team has continued to expand its development efforts and has had the pleasure of welcoming a few new team members as well~^^

In the coming months, we’ll be unveiling a couple of new software products and hopefully even a hardware device!  Our next post will feature a new app by the easi6 team, called:  Tōmōni – a social discovery app centered around activities rather than social media profiles.

In other news, the easi6 team recently moved to a new office in Seoul.  The engineering lab is up and running now; and, Google hangout has become our go-to tool for coordinating between Seoul, Jersey City, and our various locations in the field.

CTO Jaehwa Han shared these photos of the desk space in the new lab – lean and efficient:

office lab

office lab desk viewCheck out our hangout on the big screen!

20131031 Conference Call

Be sure to check back with us over the next 2 weeks for news of Tōmōni’s launch (iOS & Android).  We will have the teaser page up later this week, including a press kit and free wallpapers!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to the easi6 team on Twitter (@easi6) or on Facebook (

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Did You Catch @easi6 on @StartupRule?

The easi6 team would like to thank the team at StartupRule for their efforts to share rising startups and innovative products with the world.  Just this week, we submitted easi6’s information, and we’re proud to display our StartupRule feature here on the Discover easi6 blog!

Startup Rule Screen Shot 1


Be sure to check it out!  StartupRule has curated much of our online content, from our webpages to social media sites.  So, regardless of your preference in content and platform, you can find it on our StartupRule page.

Plus, check back soon for the latest news on the Android OS release of Doors & Dots, as well as for updates in the development of Limebus.


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Our New @easi6 Business Cards~^^

As he prepares to return to classes this coming fall, our summer design intern, Derek Nguyen, recently completed an important project for the easi6 team:  the design of our new business cards!  And, the timing couldn’t be any better; co-founder Jordan actually ran out of cards almost a week ago now and has been using the back of Jaehwa’s and Kay’s cards until the new designs were ready.

Take a look.  Here’s the front side:

front side Jordan's info

And, for the back side, we decided to put a little location-based information of our own, lol:

back of card

What do you think?  Feel free to make a Doors & Dots meeting with us for a cup of coffee sometime.  We’re always down for a fresh brew.  Plus, we can talk tech and critique UIs or something~^^

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An @easi6 Team Dinner

There’s an expression we’ve referenced before in our previous post entitled:  Bootstrapping @easi6.  The expression goes like this:  “The team that eats together, succeeds together.”

At easi6, this is something about which we feel very strongly.  Eating together not only builds connections and understanding between team members, but it also serves as a critical time away from our desks and computer screens to consider challenges, plan future milestones, and reflect on failures (and successes) – together Not home alone.

Dinner table

Eating together makes a difference, and we’d recommend it to any startup team.  While our diverse perspectives at easi6 may not always agree, forums like our team dinner are a much more effective way to bring our team together, in family setting, to consider how to solve our greatest challenges.  It’s worth repeating:  The team that eats together, succeeds together.

Dinner Jordan












Plus, you can’t beat a traditional Korean meal (Hanjeongsik) ~^^

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